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One Pregnancy, Multiple Relationships: The Best Actress Is Cute And Sweet

One Pregnancy, Multiple Relationships: The Best Actress Is Cute And Sweet

Author:Qin Jiujiu




Newest:Chapter 623(END)(2022-09-29 03:26)


Chi Yaoxi, showbiz’s most famous figure and winner of the best actress award was being cheated on by her boyfriend—and it had to be with her stepsister! And his excuse was that she’s not willing to cohabit and have a child? Laughable!

Chi Yaoxi attended a high-class party, intent on getting drunk and throwing money to a handsome face, whom she would spend the night with! Once she got tipsy, Chi Yaoxi threw herself into the arms of a gorgeous man.

“You’ve caught my eye. Come to my room tonight, and I will give you millions.”

Li Qianming, a CEO of his own right, was stunned. He had met countless women who wanted to seduce him—this was the first time he met one buying him for the night. At the same time, the woman’s stunning figure was latched to himself, her warm breath spraying all over his face. He carried her to his room.


Waking up the next day, Chi Yaoxi smiled apologetically. “Sorry, I was drunk last night, but I will pay you anyway.”

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Li Qianming studied her in her naked form with just a towel covering his own modesty, and whipped out a prenuptial agreement. “My son likes you. Let’s get married today.”

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Chi Yaoxi was shocked. The adorable kid helped his daddy get the girl by wrapping himself tightly around Chi Yaoxi and cried, “Mommy, my papa is actually kind on the inside. You won’t lose if you invest in him—it’s your victory if you marry him!”

The great CEO nodded.

“Marry me, and I will get you anything you want.”

The indomitable thespian somehow lost to the father and son duo, becoming a CEO’s wife and a mother. As her man pinned her down and demanded a child, she realized she had thrown herself to the wolves and was going to be devoured clean.

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