Chapter 420. Pain and Gain I

Novel:The Incubus System|Author:Nanakawaichan|Genre:Action
The Incubus System Chapter 420. Pain and Gain I


[Your HP is below 20%]

[Your DP is below 20%]

[Automatic Teleportation initiated!]

An announcement in the red box in front of me appeared before the darkness engulfed me and transferred me to my safety ward.


[You have escaped from the battlefield!]

[Level up! ] [Level up! ]

[You are now Level 66.]

[You have 10 unused stat points.]

[You have 2 unused skill points.]

- Bruk!

My body fell on the floor as soon as I got there. While the armor turned into a dark aura and returned to the magic tube automatically to fix its durability.

My broken scream accompanied by blood came out of my mouth. I could taste my blood with my tongue. The hellish pain pierced my whole body. Without the armor, all my wounds were exposed clearly. My blood covered my skin. My whole body was covered with severe open wounds. I couldn't even feel or move my right leg and my left arm. While I could see my bone sticking out of my other leg.

Yuffy deftly came over to me and used her Healing skill on me in worry. Ivy also showed the same face.

But Lord Damon, who was sitting casually in his chair, showed a different reaction. The smirk on his lips indicated he had expected this. That was why he asked Yuffy to stay in my safety ward.

"Almost 30 minutes. Not a bad start. I thought you would be back in 10 minutes," he said in an arrogant tone. I was not sure if that was a compliment or a joke.

I answered it with another scream as my broken bones shifted to return to their place. I jolted in pain. A crackling sound accompanied my scream. Anesthetics sounded good to me, but the after-effects would be a waste of my time if they used them every time Yuffy healed me. Likewise with local anesthetics.

"It's just a warm-up," I said as soon as I could get my voice out. My panting breath was clear between my voices. My smirk on my lips. My pain disappeared fast along with my wounds. In just a short time I was able to move my legs and arms again.

"Oh really?" he scoffed.

"Don't underestimate me," I said in annoyance before I sat down and pulled Ivy into my arms without a warning.

I canceled my Demon's Clothes and bumped my lips on her. So did she. She also canceled her Demon's Clothes as her tongue moved to explore my mouth. Her hand went down to rub my limp cock, waking it from its sleep. While my hand traced her skin, squeezed her buttock and breast.

Although it was a little rough, we agreed to do this yesterday. That was why Ivy wasn't surprised by my sudden movement and responded to me. We even arranged the schedule, sadly I came back earlier than I expected.

Lord Damon sighed upon our lewd act.

"Are you developing an exhibitionism kink now?" he said with a frown.

I broke my kiss.

"Just turn around if you don't want to see it," I said in a nonchalant tone without looking at him. My hand waved, gesturing not to disturb me.

Without waiting for his answer, my lips fell on Ivy again. Our lips moved impatiently as if we were hungry and trying to eat our partner. Our tails locked with each other and our bodies tangled in one erotic rhythm. Although I was used to doing this, I could say the sex pleasure after a tiring battle was another thing. Her touch and stimulation calmed me down. It was like a prize after the pain.

The foreplay only lasted a few minutes. My cock was hard enough to penetrate in just a short time. My exhausted body asked me to immediately channel my lust so I could get new energy. Likewise, my mating urge asked me to fulfill my desire.

I penetrated her in one rough push as I activated my Demonic Erection lv 3 before I grinded her. Our eyes turned upside down. My loud groan came out of my mouth. The rough friction, the tightness, her tender inner wall and the incredible sensation filled my mind and body. I felt like this was an oasis in the middle of a desert. A glass of freshwater amid my thirst. The difference was that instead of a real thirst, I was thirsty for DP.

My rough body movements were greeted by moans and pleas from her. A plea that asked me to fuck her faster, harder. A plea that asked me to break her and cum in her as much as I want. My eyes glinted in lust. My panting breath showed my overwhelming desire that boiled in my blood and my adrenaline that spurred me on.

As my waist continued to move, my hand squeezed her mound and her flesh, giving some nice marks here and there. Just to show how much I touched her. Showing that there wasn't an inch of her body that I had never touched. And she replied to me with a naughty giggle between her moans. Every now and then she took my hand and put it on her sensitive part. Mostly her breast. So I played, squeezed and pinched her nipple with pleasure.

"Oh!" Her scream and her body jolted in pleasure indicate that she was cumming. So was I. As I reached my climax, a satisfied smile graced my face. Likewise, with my relaxed expression.


[Your Servant's Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

I pulled my wet cock from inside her and kissed her on her forehead.

"Thank you," I said.

She caressed my face gently and smiled.

"Don't mention it. This is my duty. I'm your servant, remember?"

"You are. But that doesn't mean, I want to do it based on lust like this." I turned to Yuffy.

"You too, Yuffy."

"We know, Your Highness," said Yuffy.

"Just concentrate on your training, Your Highness," Ivy said.

I nodded a couple of times and took a deep breath before I stood up and walked over to the table. My hand took the towel and cleaned my blood with it. Well, not all of it, but at least better.

"Do you still want to continue that training?" asked Lord Damon.

"Of course." My hands kept moving to clean my body. It only took me less than 30 minutes to go up 2 levels. Even if this training made me look like a masochist, I would take it.

"I thought you'd given up," he scoffed with a smirk.

I tossed the towel into the basket on the side of the table and held back my laughter.

"Pfftt--- In your dream," I said in a nonchalant tone as I walked to the magic tube to reequip the armor.

[Protection of the Demon King has been equipped]

[Time remaining: 59:57]

'Last location.' As the dark aura engulfed my body to bring me back to the Abyss, I turned to him.

"Oh, right. Don't touch my girls. Get your own sexual relief," I warned him. My annoying grin on my face. My gaze that fixed on the bulge at his crotch clearly showed what I meant.

It made his smirk fade.

"You shitty brat..." he hissed.

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