CH 43

Chapter 43… Maybe I can try it on top

Lu Ming: ? ? ?

Lu Mian obviously didn’t understand the meaning of the child’s words, so he lowered his head and asked for advice humbly.

But the irresponsible little drunk fell asleep in his arms like this and snored softly.

Lu Mian was helpless, and covered the back of Song Huai’s head with his palm. His heart softened.

Carrying Song Huai back to the room, Lu Mian went back to the room to change clothes, and Song Huai on the bed disappeared again.

There was a slightly fluctuating sound of water from the bathroom.

The bathroom door was left open as if it was on purpose.

The smooth tiles in the bathroom showed sparkling waves, and Lu Mian was taken aback by the light. By the time he reacted, he was already standing in front of the bathtub.

Since the last time he discovered Song Huai’s identity as a mermaid, Lu Mian had given him a bathtub, which was so big that it could hold three Song Huais.

Song Huai is playing with water happily at the moment.

Song Huai looked at Lu Mian who came in. The drunk little mermaid’s face was still flushed, with a moist flush at the end of his eyes.

His arms were leaning against the edge of the bathtub, and his beautiful fish tail was wagging like a lovable puppy.

Song Huai looked up at Lu Mian, his eyes were innocent. His voice was unbelievably soft after drinking: “Beautiful brother, can you help Dudu touch his tail?”

Lu Mian: !

The calm general on the surface broke his defence almost instantly.

So cute!

Who can refuse the request of a little mermaid?

Lu Mian squatted down in front of the bathtub and suddenly shortened the distance between the two of them. Because of drinking two glasses of wine in the evening, Lu Mian’s voice was lower than usual: “Why do you want me to touch your tail?”

Song Huai grabbed his hand and gently placed it on his tail. The admiral, who had not yet received an answer, started to stroke the gorgeous fishtail uncontrollably.

A comfortable expression appeared on Song Huai’s face. He narrowed his eyes slightly, looking very seductive in the misty water in the bathroom.

Song Huai leaned close to Lu Mian’s ear and said honestly, “It feels so comfortable to be touched by brother.”

Lu Mian:!

Lu Mian lowered his eyelids, covering up the dark colour under his eyes that is surging like waves, so as not to frighten the children.

The little mermaid who didn’t know anything continued to ignite a fire in his ear: “Brother is the first person to touch Dudu’s tail. Mom said that the tail can’t be touched by others, only by boyfriends.”

“… The first one?” Lu Mian himself was startled when his voice came out.

But the dizzy little mermaid didn’t notice the strangeness of Lu Mian’s voice.

His mind was full of thoughts: He is so seductive, why doesn’t Lu Mian come up?

In the dense mist, Song Huai’s eyes slowly turned red, and tears fell like broken pearls. Lu Mian was so distressed that he held up Song Huai’s face: “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable when I touch you? “

Song Huai shook his head and said aggrievedly, “Does my brother dislike Dudu or Dudu’s tail?”

Lu Mian frowned, “Why do you think so?”

Song Huai rubbed Lu Mian’s palm and looked at Lu Mian with wet eyes: “If my brother doesn’t like Dudu’s tail, it’s okay. My mother said that when the baby is born, the tail will be gone.”

Lu Mian wondered how the child would come up with such an idea, he hugged the person in his arms: “I like it.”

In order to prove his liking, he touched Song Huai’s fish tail twice, his eyes were gentle and swaying: “It’s cute, I like it very much.”

Hearing that Lu Mian said he liked it, Song Huai felt a little better.

He fell on Lu Mian’s body like a koala, and let Lu Mian bathe and wash his hair for him. Because he kept pestering the person and refused to let go, Lu Mian also took a bath. While blowing his hair, Song Huai still wrapped around the person’s neck and refused to let go. It was Lu Mian who coaxed him for a long time before he agreed to let go and dry his hair obediently.

After everything was done, Lu Mian carried Song Huai back to the bed and wrapped the person with a soft quilt.

After the commotion, the child was very well behaved. His eyes kept sticking out of the quilt, he looked at Lu Mian without blinking, and there was still some nervousness and anticipation in his eyes.

Lu Mian knew that he still owed Song Huai a good night kiss.

Although the original source of this good night kiss was a dog.

But——Lu Mian’s heart was seen, he bent down and kissed Song Huai’s cheek.

One kiss wasn’t enough, so he kissed the other side, then on the tip of the nose, and finally, on the mouth.

After kissing his mouth, Song Huai stretched out his tongue and licked it. Finding that Lu Mian was looking at him, he shyly covered his face with the quilt.

Lu Mian reached out and rubbed Song Huai’s exposed hair. When he was about to turn back to the room, his hand was suddenly pulled.

Lu Mian looked back at Song Huai.

The little boy blinked his almond eyes a few times, and said softly, “Isn’t brother going to sleep with Dudu?”

Lu Mian’s Adam’s apple rolled uncontrollably, and his eyes darkened. He put Song Huai’s exposed hand back into the quilt and responded, “I’m going to change clothes and come back right away.”

As if to confirm whether what Lu Mian said was true or not, whether he lied to him or not, Song Huai stared at him earnestly for a while before laughing: “Okay. Pretty brother should come back to accompany Dudu right away.”

Lu Mian promised to go back immediately, but the reaction from below must not be resolved so quickly. Lu Mian went back to the room and took a cold shower, but it still didn’t have much effect.

Afraid that the child wouldn’t be able to wait too long, the firm-willed Imperial Admiral stifled it abruptly.

He went downstairs to drink a glass of water with ice, stood in front of Song Huai’s door again, took a deep breath, and then knocked on the door and walked in. As soon as he walked to the bedside, the clingy child rushed over. Lu Mian reached out to catch him, and Song Huai complained dissatisfiedly, “Why so slow?”

In order not to let Song Huai find out his reaction, Lu Mian put the person back on the bed.

As soon as the light was turned off, Song Huai hugged Lu Mian’s waist, Lu Mian froze immediately.

If Song Huai went down a little further, he would encounter a position that should not be touched.

At this moment, the communicator that Song Huai had just put on Lu Mian’s side fell to the ground.

Song Huai’s face rubbed against Lu Mian’s chest, and said softly, “Please help me pick it up.”

Lu Mian raised his body as if he had been granted amnesty, and leaned out slightly.

His legs are very long, and he hooked things up with a light scoop.

On the communicator’s lit screen are dialog boxes that haven’t been closed.

Lu Mian picked up the communicator and happened to see the chat history on the screen.

[Dudududududu: I tried it on him according to your method, and he didn’t respond at all! ]

[Doctor Tongji Li: Alas, your partner’s situation is a bit serious. I think you shouldn’t be shy about treating diseases. It’s not a shameful thing for a man to not do well. Take your time and bring him to the hospital as soon as possible. ]

Lu Mian frowned when he saw the texts above.

In order to verify his thoughts, he flipped through the chat records of the two again.

Afterwards, he clicked on Dr. Tongji Li’s avatar and took a look, and a huge and distinct [Man’s Treasure] came into view.

The style of the circle of friends is even more weird.

【Choose once in a lifetime! 】

【Prominently focus on being male! 】

【Top equipment professional technology, I am your little guardian! 】

Lu Mian put the communicator aside, his face completely blackened.

No lights were turned on in the room, only a dim light leaked in through the gaps in the curtains.

Song Huai waited for a while for Lu Mian to lay down on the bed. He stuck his head out of the bed and looked up at Lu Mian, who was sitting by the head of the bed, with some confusion in his eyes.

No man can bear others to question him about that thing, not to mention, that he is still enduring so hard.

Lu Mian dug the little ostrich out of the bed. Song Huai rubbed his eyes, the sides of his cheeks were still red and his eyes were a little blurry. He didn’t know whether he was awake or drunk.

Song Huai was suddenly picked up and put on Lu Mian’s lap. He hugged the person’s neck affectionately, and kissed the other person’s face and lips sweetly.

Lu Mian was very fond of Song Huai’s kiss, but at the moment, the Imperial General is more concerned about the fact that Song Huai thinks he can’t do it!

Lu Mian lowered her head against the person’s forehead and bit the tip of the other person’s nose.

“Think I can’t do it? Huh?”

Song Huai listened to Lu Mian’s words, and it took a while to realize what Lu Mian was saying, and his body shook obviously.

Found out, uh.

Any reaction from the other party could not escape Lu Mian’s eyes, and he was about to laugh angrily.

Seeing that Lu Mian didn’t speak, Song Huai thought that he had hurt Lu Mian’s heart by doing so.

That’s right, which man would like to let others know about this! Besides, this person is Lu Mian.

Song Huai wrapped her arms around the man’s waist, rubbed it like a kitten, and apologized in a deep voice, “I’m sorry.”

The imperial admiral took a deep breath, raised his eyebrows and lowered his eyes to look at the cute and well-behaved child in his arms: “What did you do wrong?”

Song Huai said, “I shouldn’t tell others that you can’t do it.”

Lu Mian: ? ? ?

Song Huai suddenly felt a little uncomfortable under his buttocks, so he moved his buttocks and tried to find a more comfortable position to sit on top of Lu Mian.

After a long while, Lu Mian remained silent.

No matter how slow Song Huai’s reaction was, he could still feel that the current atmosphere was a little too subtle.

Song Huai’s face was already burning red, but he still mustered up his courage, raised his head and said to Lu Mian: “Well, it doesn’t matter if you really can’t do it. If you don’t mind, maybe I can try it on top?”