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Back to '70s to Marry Unlucky Male Partner CH 6 22-10-03 21:10
Transmigrated as the Villain's Wife CH 7 22-10-03 21:10
I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel CH 46 齐成琨 22-10-03 21:10
Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1682 Immortal Amidst Snow In July 22-10-03 20:10
Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system Chapter 218 218: Bonus: Night ... daygon_yuuki 22-10-03 20:10
Online In Another World Chapter 194 Urgent Departure DelzGB 22-10-03 20:10
The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess 245 Chapter 245 Mohitkumar 22-10-03 20:10
Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System Chapter 312 When Dreams Become... invayne 22-10-03 20:10
I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse Chapter 986 Meeting Genius Min... ranmaro 22-10-03 20:10
The Innkeeper Chapter 223 Butterfly effect lifesketcher 22-10-03 20:10
Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 137 Journey in the Hel... Sabin_Subedi_Fei 22-10-03 20:10
Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 368 The Happiness She ... I_am_Creator 22-10-03 20:10
Void Evolution System Chapter 340 Dinner Party [2] Crocs_is_Dead 22-10-03 20:10
Stone Mage: Revenge of the Villain System Chapter 187 Family Matters Aries_Monx 22-10-03 20:10
Sword God in a World of Magic Chapter 370 – Focus on Power! Warmaisach 22-10-03 20:10
Absolute Resonance Chapter 0602: Hidden Treasure:... Heavenly Silkworm Potato 22-10-03 20:10
Paragon of Sin Chapter 1045 Chapter 1039:Swif... Kevinascending 22-10-03 20:10
My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 499: The UltimateYande... Victor_Weismann 22-10-03 20:10
Unbound (LitRPG Isekai Fantasy) Chapter Four Hundred And Sixty... Necariin 22-10-03 20:10
Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King's Mate Chapter 180 - Through the Wind... ACEE 22-10-03 19:10


  • Chaotic Sword God 1

    Chaotic Sword God

    After death, Jian Chen’s soul was reincarnated into a foreign world. He grew up with flying speed, but at the end, because of overflowing enemies and from heavily injuries by them, his soul...

    Author:Xin Xing Xiao ...


  • The Brocaded Tale of The Girl Si 2

    The Brocaded Tale of The Girl Si

    Everyone said that the Fourth Miss of the Jiang family is a first-class beauty, but it was a pity that the Lord Anguo Mansion picked this flower. However, on the eve of Jiang Si’s marriage, his fiancé and other woman jumped into the lake and died in love.

    Author:Willow Leaves ...


  • Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable 3

    Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

    After waking up in the body of the Young Master of the Luo family, he finds he has the knowledge of hundreds of games and Light Novels. However, he finds his Dantian is crippled, so he can’t practice ...

    Author:Wǔ Huā Niú


  • The Evil Imperial Monarch 4

    The Evil Imperial Monarch

    A man from modern with wavy remains is possessing a notorious street mouse and scum, and what is even more tragic is that the scum also intends to commit misdeeds against the butterfly of the Qing Dynasty.



  • The Landowner And His Wife 5

    The Landowner And His Wife

    Liu Xu’er had once hoped that if she were to be reborn, she would be born to old money, and have a rich, handsome and tall husband. That way, she could have a carefree life of luxury!Then she actually...



  • The Forbidden Alpha 6

    The Forbidden Alpha

    Adea isn’t interested in dating or finding her Goddess-chosen mate. She’s determined to ignore the nightmares that plague her sleep, keep her job at Half Moon pack, and live a peaceful life. When her ...



  • Your Regrets Are Late 7

    Your Regrets Are Late

    She wanted to be loved when she was young, and to be recognized when she grew up.The ground that buried her mother’s body hadn’t dried up enough, but her father already brought in his illegitimate chi...



  • Fourth Prince's Debauchery 8

    Fourth Prince's Debauchery

    As a wandering soul trapped in endless cycles of reincarnations, Claus must decide what to do in his current life.



  • Supreme Harem God System 9

    Supreme Harem God System

    Nux Leander transmigrated into a classic fantasy world and received his golden finger.[Supreme Harem God System]This system allowed him to strengthen himself whenever he fucks a woman, the stronger th...



  • Levelmaker 10


    The second year high school student and RPG game enthusiast, Narukami Yuu has an accident because of carelessness and dies before confessing his feelings to his childhood friend.However, thanks to the...

    Author:SS Samurai


  • Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please 1

    Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

    The first time they met they had battled fiercely, just for a mere bunch of herbs. She needed it to save people, and he wanted to use it to save his own life.“Let go of it, or you will die.” The man’s...