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Martial King's Retired Life Book 13: Chapter 60 Lee Taibai 22-10-03 20:10
Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard 355. Reunion LazySageDao 22-10-03 20:10
A Pervert's World Chapter 314 Paula and Eric Slayer104 22-10-03 14:10
The Rich Second Generation Villain's Father CH 146 22-10-03 09:10
Aristocrat Boys School CH 38 22-10-03 08:10
Medical Princess Chapter 1000 - Tricky Things A... Lian Shuang 22-10-03 08:10
Combat Maid Harem Chapter 598 Absorbing Space Ma... Daoist_Little_Yun 22-10-03 03:10
My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem Chapter 855 whatsawhizzer 22-10-03 02:10
A Cliché Multiverse story Chapter 475: Thanatos Glorious_Milfhunter 22-10-03 02:10
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? Chapter 1023 The Fractured Mi... Draekai 22-10-03 01:10
The Case When I Created A Secret Society of Darkness Because I Reincarnated As A Villain, But For Some Reason, It Became My Harem CH 183 Crosis 22-10-02 20:10
S*ave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World (LN) Volume 5 - CH 5.18 Sogano Shachi 22-10-02 20:10
The Conquerors Path Chapter 337 - This Is Fun........ Chaosking 22-10-02 20:10
Esper Harem in the Apocalypse Chapter 498 Sudden Revelation NoWoRRyMaN 22-10-02 20:10
The Rise of the Black Plain Chapter 1170 Back Home RVN_1998 22-10-02 20:10
I Was a Man Before Reincarnating, So I Refuse a Reverse Harem CH 108 Morishita Ringo 22-10-02 14:10
Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise a Dog Instead CH 78 Casanovanic Bookworm 22-10-02 14:10
The Bored Immortal Chapter 489 Impressed By My M... Resurgent 22-10-02 03:10
The Dragon King's Harem System Chapter 130. The Fox Prince’s ... Nanakawaichan 22-10-01 14:10
Grand Ancestral Bloodlines Chapter 759 Echo (2) Awespec 22-09-30 21:09


  • The Conquerors Path 1

    The Conquerors Path

    Having lived a normal life all his life and died without being able to fulfill his desire and when he’s given a task by a god, watch how he takes the protagonists girls while making it hard for the he...



  • A Pervert's World 2

    A Pervert's World

    Our protagonist is transmigrated to a free-use world where sex can be bartered for. It’s a world with all kinds of magical beings, from angels to demons and everything in between. Protagonist will hav...



  • Medical Princess 3

    Medical Princess

    As the second daughter of Ningyuan Army General, Qin Wanru, who had been set up by her so-called mother and elder sister, lost her reputation and suffered a lot on her wedding in her previous life.Now...

    Author:Lian Shuang


  • Stealing Spree 4

    Stealing Spree

    Onoda Ruki is just your ordinary high school student. He strived for being the Classmate A who's unimportant to the story.Despite being the Classmate A. Onoda has a secret desire which he always had e...



  • The Rich Second Generation Villain's Father 5

    The Rich Second Generation Villain's Father

    Transmigrating into a parallel world; becoming a billionaire that everyone looks up to. Qing Tian, who thought that he could finally live a life of the rich, suddenly found that this world seemed just...



  • Flying Dust 6

    Flying Dust

    Yu Jin yelled, “I curse you, the woman you like in this life will not like you!”“Hey hey,” Mo Feichen was a bit unsteady on his feet before he stood up leisurely.“Shi Xiong, there are not only women i...



  • Aristocrat Boys School 7

    Aristocrat Boys School

    At first, it was a dream without any omens.The scenes in the dream corresponded one by one with reality, and it was then that Jian Chi realized that he was living in a danmei novel.The protagonist in ...



  • Inferior Cultivation System 8

    Inferior Cultivation System

    In this modern world that revolves around a mysterious system, people can earn money and reputation through quests given by the system, even allowing these people to become Cultivators by giving them ...



  • Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping 9

    Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping

    Whaa--- I can order Mcdonalds in isekai ?! With this i can still eat junkfood without problem in the middle of the jungle mwahahahahah! what is dry meat?! i dont need it!Alex the only one otherworlder...



  • Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal 10

    Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal

    Nik Faran, a son of the miserable harlot that lead a life of a miserable gigolo. His birth father is one of the top swordsmen that gave his mother the glory of entering his chamber now remained unknow...