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Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 992: Golden Bright Und... 点精灵 22-10-03 20:10
The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1015 - Actually Dead Mu Jiuzhou 22-10-03 01:10
Son-in-law Of A Powerful Family Chatper 4271 绝人 Jue Ren 22-09-18 15:09
The Goddess's Super Son-in-Law Chatper 3926 林阳苏颜 22-09-14 08:09
Return Of Urban Battle Son-in-law Chatper 2502 ji tang men fan 22-08-31 10:08
Dragon King's Son-In-Law Chapter 790 (END) - Perfect En... Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law 22-08-26 14:08
Back to Earth To Be A Matrilocal Son-in-law Chapter 506 Wan Jia Deng Huo 22-08-19 11:08
Eternal First Son-in-law Chapter 1417 Innocent sharp brother 22-08-07 15:08
Best Dragon Son-in-law Chapter 1499 you liao de yu 22-08-07 14:08
The Strongest Matrilocal Son-in-law Chapter 1684 Shi Yan Dao 22-07-31 15:07
Ultimate Rich Son-in-law Chapter 1077 Hei An Jue Qi 22-07-31 15:07
Strongest Rich Son-in-law Chapter 1569 Mian Mian Ju Dao 22-07-31 15:07
Mad Son-in-law Chapter 464 ling hu er zhong 22-07-31 14:07
Urban Omnipotent Son-in-law Chapter 1897 ku ba kuang zhuai 22-07-31 11:07
Magic Doctor Son-in-Law Chapter 645 小米辣 22-07-31 00:07
Banished To Be A Matrilocal Son-in-law Chapter 1290 Wu Shuang 22-07-31 00:07
The Formidable Son-in-law Chapter 713 一加一等于几 22-07-30 21:07
Super Loser Son-in-law Chapter 493 长坂坡剑神 22-07-30 15:07
First Son-in-law Chapter 2284 Mountain Village Boy 22-07-30 11:07
Matrilocal Son-in-law Comes from Immortal Realm Chapter 957 Zhu Meng Zhong Lou 22-07-30 07:07


  • The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray 1

    The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

    Six years ago, he disappeared silently! After six years, he becomes the unparalleled “God of War” and returns with glory, only to find that he has a daughter whom he never knew of. Looking at his wife...

    Author:Mu Jiuzhou


  • Ultimate Rich Son-in-law 2

    Ultimate Rich Son-in-law

    The young masters of the five big families of the Dragon Country, Ning Luo Army, had suffered injustice and fallen into the hands of the Lin Family's son-in-law. Once I was a dragon, but now dragons s...

    Author:Hei An Jue Qi


  • Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law 3

    Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law

    Six years later, the next generation of dragon heads with shocking power would return to the city honorably, only to discover that in addition to their unworthy wives, they would also have an extremely cute daughter!

    Author:Xue Yejianglin


  • Dragon Son-In-Law God Of War 4

    Dragon Son-In-Law God Of War

    Five years ago, his father's company was framed by someone, and he lost his money. Jiang Beichen suffered humiliation in front of his relatives in order to treat his father's illness, and was even rut...

    Author:Mu Jiu Zhou


  • Son-in-law Of A Powerful Family 5

    Son-in-law Of A Powerful Family

    The main characters are Han Sanqian and Su Yingxia. The story tells about I've stayed in this company for three years,Everyone feels that I'm the guy who looks like can be bullied.however, I just wait...

    Author:绝人 Jue Ren


  • Urban Omnipotent Son-in-law 6

    Urban Omnipotent Son-in-law

    The audio version has been fully posted. You can download the 'Himalayan' app and search for the 'City Almighty Person' to listen to. Little La is also listening. Not bad ~ The WeChat official account...

    Author:ku ba kuang zh...


  • Become Son-in-law after Cultivation 7

    Become Son-in-law after Cultivation

    After battling for tens of thousands of years with the Heavenly Dao, he realized that the Heavenly Dao was lacking. What he lacked was a period of experience in the mortal world, so he needed to live for a hundred years to replenish his own Heavenly Dao.

    Author:Da Fu Miao


  • Contract son-in-law 8

    Contract son-in-law

    In order to save his father, he signed a redundancy contract with the proud daughter of the aristocratic family for two years.He was bullied and ridiculed for two years.After two years of forbearance ...

    Author:xiao ying ge


  • Super Loser Son-in-law 9

    Super Loser Son-in-law

    He was the son-in-law that stayed in the Wei family for three years, and he only wanted to properly enjoy his life, but no matter what, there would always be people who thought that they could step on...



  • Banished To Be A Matrilocal Son-in-law 10

    Banished To Be A Matrilocal Son-in-law

    Five years ago, after he became a member of the Wealthy Class, he became the Lin Clan's Young Master. In five years, he had been humiliated by the addition of the Sun family. Five years later, he woul...

    Author:Wu Shuang