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I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week v2 Chapter 2899: : unexpected ... Wu You 22-10-03 01:10
Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor Chapter 3615: lifesaving Ten thousand carp 22-10-02 11:10
Sign in Starts From Farming in the Countryside Chapter 448: Alien visitor, De... Lonely as blue 22-10-02 10:10
Reborn in Hong Kong: The Tycoon Grows Up v2 Chapter 1734: Bank rate hik... Ann's life 22-10-02 09:10
I Have a Random New System Daily Chapter 2759: Yu Pei's abnorma... The son laughs 22-10-02 08:10
Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Chapter 3584: erase Luo Shu 22-10-02 07:10
My Perfect Life Chatper 5038 花幽山月 22-09-18 15:09
The Vicious Doctor Chatper 5434 木燃 22-09-14 08:09
I Upended Yet Another Campus Urban Legend CH 11 22-09-06 14:09
The Divine Urban Physician Chatper 9018 The Wind Laughs 22-09-04 11:09
Return Of Urban Battle Son-in-law Chatper 2502 ji tang men fan 22-08-31 10:08
Ding Ergou's Arbitrary Life Chapter 3422 Diao RenDeYu 22-08-19 10:08
Sign in, the Man Is on an Isolated Island, and He Has Just Built a Luxury Villa by Himself Chapter 1587: Landing assistan... White snail 22-08-16 07:08
Dominate the world from signing in Chapter 1084 li jia fu tu 22-08-07 14:08
The Wealthy Heir Chapter 1366 Brother Qiang 22-08-07 14:08
City:I Have a New Identity Weekly Chapter 1403 Thousands of stars 22-08-07 14:08
Super Urban Exchange System Chapter 796 sui feng er shi 22-07-31 14:07
Taoyuan Mountain Village Chapter 3296 Sea Urchin King 22-07-31 13:07
Urban Omnipotent Son-in-law Chapter 1897 ku ba kuang zhuai 22-07-31 11:07
I'm a Super Cop Chapter 1826 Li's Tang Dynasty 22-07-31 11:07


  • Global Digitization, I Can Increase Everything 1

    Global Digitization, I Can Increase Everything

    Lin Yu traveled back 100,000 years. The dimensional gate is wide open, fierce beasts and aliens invade, the planet is digitized, and human beings are awakened as professionals. Lin Yu, who had just aw...

    Author:No. 7378

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Super Rich Man 2

    Super Rich Man

    Heavenly wealth: from poor boy became super rich overnight...

    Author:chun yin ke da...


  • Opening Express Rewards Top Sports Cars 3

    Opening Express Rewards Top Sports Cars

    Ye Ran is bound by the [Life Experience Shenhao Reward System]. As long as he completes a special task, he will get the system Shenhao reward. “Ding! When you complete a special express, the system wi...

    Author:Month name

    Genre:Urban Life

  • After my husband cheated on me 4

    After my husband cheated on me

    My late husband actually cheated on me!!! I caught him on the very day I was picking out a birthday present for my daughter...



  • Goddess Rescue System 5

    Goddess Rescue System

    Rich and abandoned son Li Feng, after experiencing company bankruptcy, the death of his mother in a car accident, and his girlfriend’s betrayal, he received the Goddess Rescue System, and the bronze b...

    Author:Aoyama Momodan...

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Regal Guard of Dragon (Royal Dragon Husband) 6

    Regal Guard of Dragon (Royal Dragon Husband)

    This novel is also known as Royal Dragon Husband “Master, you are too slow to spend money. The family gave you one billion. Why haven’t you spent it in a month?” As the heir to the top wealthy, Chen F...

    Author:Lu LaiFoZu

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Taoyuan Mountain Village 7

    Taoyuan Mountain Village

    Raise chickens and ducks, tease yellow dogs, drive out wild boars, dig out bird nests, bees in the cliffs are delicious, catch fish and shrimps in the mountains and streams are more fun, go hunting up...

    Author:Sea Urchin Kin...

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Infinite Waste Pick-up System 8

    Infinite Waste Pick-up System

    As a normal programmer His girlfriend always sacrifice him for helping her own brother. Until he was too angry to endure it... But who would guess when he threw off his girlfriend he unexpectedly walked on the path of a godly hero! "Ding! Host has obtained infinite garbage collection system...

    Author:You Sheng Zhi ...


  • Top Shenhao 9

    Top Shenhao

    The girlfriend suspected that Lin Yun was poor and ran away with the rich second generation. Suddenly a grandfather, the richest man, came to recognize Lin Yun. “Why did you come to recognize me now? ...

    Author:Beichen Deity

    Genre:Urban Life

  • The Strongest Tycoon 10

    The Strongest Tycoon

    As a handsome guy, he needs to make a living by picking up trash for six years... This is not the worst thing, because of poverty his girlfriend was taken by another man and that despicable man had ev...