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I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week v2 Chapter 2899: : unexpected ... Wu You 22-10-03 01:10
Sign in Starts From Farming in the Countryside Chapter 448: Alien visitor, De... Lonely as blue 22-10-02 10:10
Reborn in Hong Kong: The Tycoon Grows Up v2 Chapter 1734: Bank rate hik... Ann's life 22-10-02 09:10
I Have a Random New System Daily Chapter 2759: Yu Pei's abnorma... The son laughs 22-10-02 08:10
Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Chapter 3584: erase Luo Shu 22-10-02 07:10
My Perfect Life Chatper 5038 花幽山月 22-09-18 15:09
The Vicious Doctor Chatper 5434 木燃 22-09-14 08:09
Ding Ergou's Arbitrary Life Chapter 3422 Diao RenDeYu 22-08-19 10:08
Sign in, the Man Is on an Isolated Island, and He Has Just Built a Luxury Villa by Himself Chapter 1587: Landing assistan... White snail 22-08-16 07:08
City:I Have a New Identity Weekly Chapter 1403 Thousands of stars 22-08-07 14:08
Taoyuan Mountain Village Chapter 3296 Sea Urchin King 22-07-31 13:07
I'm a Super Cop Chapter 1826 Li's Tang Dynasty 22-07-31 11:07
People In the Book: I Became the Biggest Villain Chapter 466: urban scumbag 22-07-31 11:07
My Fiancee is a Cold CEO Chapter 3077: Can't help it! Dramatic talk 22-07-31 04:07
Regal Guard of Dragon (Royal Dragon Husband) Chapter 785: Hatred Lu LaiFoZu 22-07-31 03:07
Opening Sign-in to a God of Wealth Chapter 491 Shahai Lone String 22-07-30 22:07
Metropolis Super Mercenary King Chapter 4985 One Pot of Tea 22-07-30 20:07
The Crazy System Exchanges In City Chapter 1721 Bu AiChiXingDeMao 22-07-30 00:07
The Mercenary War God of the City Chapter 2307 梦岂 22-07-29 21:07
My Life Starts with Spending Money Chapter 538 Dangdang loud 22-07-29 12:07

Urban Life

  • Super Rich Man 1

    Super Rich Man

    Heavenly wealth: from poor boy became super rich overnight...

    Author:chun yin ke da...


  • After my husband cheated on me 2

    After my husband cheated on me

    My late husband actually cheated on me!!! I caught him on the very day I was picking out a birthday present for my daughter...



  • Infinite Waste Pick-up System 3

    Infinite Waste Pick-up System

    As a normal programmer His girlfriend always sacrifice him for helping her own brother. Until he was too angry to endure it... But who would guess when he threw off his girlfriend he unexpectedly walked on the path of a godly hero! "Ding! Host has obtained infinite garbage collection system...

    Author:You Sheng Zhi ...


  • The Strongest Tycoon 4

    The Strongest Tycoon

    As a handsome guy, he needs to make a living by picking up trash for six years... This is not the worst thing, because of poverty his girlfriend was taken by another man and that despicable man had ev...



  • Super Medical Genius 5

    Super Medical Genius

    Five hundred years ago, the most outstanding disciple under the Grand Yi Sect, Zhong Ming, was killed by the Chou Clan's leader, Ouyang Duan, while he was cultivating in seclusion. At this critical mo...



  • Super Abandoned Cultivator 6

    Super Abandoned Cultivator

    The tribulation immortal in the cultivation world suddenly woke up. Only then did he realize that he had become an abandoned son of a wealthy family on Earth! He also realized that not only was he aba...

    Author:Mu Mu Yu Mao


  • Loftly Temptation 7

    Loftly Temptation

    When I met my sister, who was driving a red Hummer, I didn't expect her to be the elegant, cool female boss of the new concept fashion brand I was going to be in. That night, when I was obliged to send her home...



  • I Am Xianfan 8

    I Am Xianfan

    In this life, the predestined relationship is long gone, and I am an Immortal in this world. Starting from Wei Mo, proud of Hongchen, he was able to repair "Mayfly" and forget the rivers and lakes. ---



  • Cultivator Master Reborn To High School 9

    Cultivator Master Reborn To High School

    The most powerful man of Cultivation, Zhang Haoran failed his challenge to the Chaos Tribulation Lightning and reborn back to his high school time...

    Author:Feng Kuang Tan...


  • Baby daddy's unrestrained life 10

    Baby daddy's unrestrained life

    Through to the parallel world of Ye Feng said fearless, is not through it? What a big deal! When I know that I have a beautiful singing wife, Ye Feng says that I have no fear. Anyway, I don't love her. How can I love her! When I see my little girl who is carved with powder and jade, Ye Feng says that she has nothing...