Chapter 1699: Third Floor

Chapter 1699: Third FloorSam entered the third floor.        


He is standing in front of an entrance to a small town located in the middle of a forest. At least that is what he assumed based on the surroundings and what he could see. For some reason, neither his spiritual senses nor his energy vision is going past the gate of the town.    

All he has is his pure naked vision.    

Sam observed the surroundings. He walked around the town walls for a while without going in.    

The surroundings felt familiar to him. He couldn't put a finger on where he saw this place and how he must have come across something. But he is very sure that he has seen this place before in his past life.    

He wanted to explore the forest before he could get into the town.    

But he wasn't able to. There is not much space around the town that he could explore. There is an invisible barrier blocking him and something told him that the third floor is all cramped into that one town.    

He thought for a bit more time before deciding to pry into the town.    

It would have been better if there is a way for him to check what is inside the town before he could get inside. But he cannot enter it.    

He even went as far as trying to use his wings and shadows to see if he could get a glimpse of what is happening inside. But he couldn't.    

His vision was blocked. The shadows are unable to enter. He couldn't even enter into the town through air for some reason.    

All he can do is enter through the main gate.    

After some thought, he just decided to go with it.    

He held the reaper sword in his hand before slowly pushing the main gate. He was shocked by the view in front of him. He finally understood why this place felt so familiar. It is a town established in one of the training islands in his previous life.    

The island was designed by the organization, solely to train a certain group of people. It is called the Lion hunter tribe.    

It is not really a tribe as the name implies. The people inside are not exactly related. Not all of them at least. But all of them went through the same training regimen. They are a group of specially trained soldiers.    

Hired guns specialized in hunting big shots. Most of their hit list includes commanders of different armies, leaders of mercenary groups, CEOs, and politicians.    

They don't just specialize in the assassination. All of them are really good at hand-to-hand combat. Tracking people, causing chaos. Laying traps and hunting people down in one vs many settings is their particular forte.    

As for why the whole town appeared in his third floor, there is a reason for that.    

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He slaughtered the whole town. All by himself. This is actually one of the first establishments he destroyed when he decided to go rogue against his own organization. He directly invaded the town and killed every last one of them.    

Most of them were still trainees at that time, but he didn't spare them too. He just took every life that existed in the town.    

One of the memories he would rather not revisit. And that is not just because he killed them all, but rather he is one of the core trainers of the tribe.    

He is one of the people responsible for the creation of this whole training program. And he killed them all.    

He couldn't help but constantly recall the thought of killing them.    

As he was thinking about that, he saw the town is changing a bit. Some sentry towers appeared in different positions. A group of people with rifles appeared on them along with the towers.    

Sam waved his hand and blocked the coming bullets with an energy shield. He stored the sword away and took out his handguns.        


He aimed at the structure of the sentry tower.    


The golden flames ran rampant as they burned the whole structure down within a moment. The tower collapsed. The watchers who were shooting Sam also collapsed along with it.    

But they didn't die. They walked out of the golden flames and rolled on the ground, trying to put the flames down. Sam even recognized the faces of those people. Their actions are extremely precise and trained.    

They are following the exact instructions they received in training. They put out the flames while shooting at Sam.    

There is not a change in their expression. They just stood up and charged at Sam with their guns as if the burnt flesh on their bodies is nothing significant.    

The energy shield is still on. The bullets are causing faint fluctuations on the barrier, but it is still perfectly alright. His bullets on the other hand reached their targets without any problem.    

Within no time, the watchers from the first tower are dead.    

Sam aimed the guns at the other towers. He didn't proceed further from that spot and just shot them down one by one. While dealing with the watchers, Sam estimated these people's behavior. He wanted to know how they are operating relative to their original selves. And from the looks of it, they are not really doing that good.    

The original watchers wouldn't have just charged directly at him after they fell off the tower. They would have put off the flames and first found a cover while sending one of their members to the middle of the town.    

To inform the higher-ups so that they will take all the measures. As for why send one person at least directly to them instead of informing through the radios, it is so that the person could give out a description more accurately.    

Here instead of that, they just blindly charged. They didn't take cover, they didn't take the time to analyze the situation much.    

But since he is alone, that could have been the reason for their misjudgement.    

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They didn't know what Sam's strength is. In their opinion, he is just a single person. So, they charged at him blindly. Sam felt a bit relieved.    

If all the people in the town just came with their full intelligence, things wouldn't be good. They are skilled, powerful, and most of all fearless.    

They have zero regards for lives, including their own. If they really came with all of their skills, intelligence and memories, added with the extra strength that comes from this hell spawning, Sam will have some real trouble when dealing with them.    

At least, he managed to deal with the watchers and the towers very quickly. There is a gap between him and the rest of the town at the moment. He doesn't know if there are any modern gadgets like the radio or other communication equipment.    

But it is most likely that they are not here. So, his arrival wouldn't have been informed to the rest.    

He stood there and took a deep breath before letting out his shadow undead.    

All shadow undead spread to different spots of the town. He decided to try one the new techniques that he decided to create to inspect the floors.    

And this one utilizes his shadow undead.    

Except for two rest of the undead are far away.    

They all took up different places before standing still.    

Sam closed his eyes and sat on the floor. He let his consciousness contact one of the undead creatures. Dark elemental energy spread from the undead creature. It spread to its limit and covered a lot of ground. Sam tried to use their observation ability through the undead creature.    

Even though it was extremely troublesome, he still managed to connect a bit. The observation ability is not as detailed and precise when he used it with his own body. Rather all he got is a faint and broad map.        


He could see different people staying in different houses in the town. Some are resting, some are working out and some are maintaining their weapons. Their actions are robotic and monotonous.    

Sam waited for two minutes and there was no change. He shifted his consciousness to a different undead and did the same.    

This method is good for mapping. But it is limited to necromancers, that too mostly for shadow necromancers.    

He made a mental note to find a different alternative.    

Meanwhile, from the middle of the town, some people started making a move. They didn't talk or scream. They all acted as if some program in their head is triggered and they are some machines executing that program monotonously.    

They are moving towards Sam and they fell under his radar when he is scanning the area with an undead.    

Looking at them, Sam immediately understood what is happening. They are the first wave of Lion hunters.    

When someone attacks the Lion hunter tribe, according to the protocol, the soldiers shouldn't come out of their house, instead, a full armed team will be deployed first to get an understanding of the level of crisis.    

This rule is made to prevent any unnecessary losses.