CH 58

This spoiled maid, she was all over me as soon as I was done with Monica.



She rubbed against me in the shaking carriage. She put her weight on me and stroked my arms.

--Aaah, she really is a naughty maid.

It seems the return trip back home is also an affair trip. I held her shoulder as she grinded against me.

I stroked her over her maid's uniform.

"Has Katherine been in heat too? I didn't put any 【recovery】 on you, did I?"

"Nn.......Master can drive me crazy just being around me....... my body was on fire after Master violated my unclean hole since the day before yesterday, and last night I was not able to embrace you in consideration of your health.......... And when we return to the house, it will be The Madam's turns."

Katherine put her weight on me.

Her sweet scent reached my nose.  She put her head on my shoulder. I couldn't help but notice the folds of her white brim above her up-done reddish hair. 

"I know very well that it is Madam that Master loves, but now......."

Ho, ho~.

Once I return to the mansion, I will have my legitimate wife.

Her master love belongs to The lord's wife.

--The level of affair was higher than before.

Now that we are connected, even if it is only in the butt hole, is the distance between us getting closer?

I found myself getting a bit excited by this maid's lascivious awakening.

"Master was also in heat."


Her fingers stroked my thigh. There was no way for me to hide my tent when she reached for the center of it.

Her supple fingers wiggle against my thigh in time with the rhythm of the carriage.

"That's natural. When an attractive woman like you smothers me...."

I gave her shoulder another squeeze.

"Thank you for your kind words."

She was cold, almost expressionless beauty with an almost impassive face that I would have previously been scared to look at. but - this almost expressionless now has a faint blush on her cheeks.

And she thrust out her lips as if begging...

"Nn.......chup, chup......."

"Katherine, stick out your tongue."

"Yesh, chertain..ly........ng, hmmm........"

And then in return, I also stick my tongue out.

and she sucked on it, smooching and sucking.

Our lips met, our tongues entwined, and we exchanged a plentiful amount of saliva. An illicit muddle dripped from our lips onto each other's chins.

With each jolt of the carriage, our lips pressed tightly and our teeth brushed lightly against each other.

Katherine started stroking my shaft. The hardening bulge showed that needy hands were too irresistible.

I stroked the small buds over her maid's uniform too. The size of this mature woman's bulge was an irresistible spice that heightened my sense of debauchery.

"Hmmm, hmmm......."

-- Gu fu fu,

Good, good.


I told her what I had in mind. Then, without hesitation, she acts.

"-- Fu fu"

I let out another delighted gasp from my lips. In her maid's outfit, she put her hands on the seat and raised her ample hips high in the air.

Her skirt swayed as the carriage swayed, enticing and inviting any man.


"You have a nice ass."

*rub* *rub*

"You shouldn't waste your compliment words on me...."

Then I stroke her hips over her skirt.

*twitch, twitch*

The shaking is nice, quite different from the carriage.

I rub the maid's cushion with both hands.

--Yes, this is how inside a lord's carriage should be.

"Nnghhhh, nn......." her hips undulate, silently beg for more stimulation.

"Katherine is already feeling it? I've only just started touching you? Oh. You've probably been in heat this whole time. And you're also getting a lot more sensitive."

--I love it.


I pushed the maid's hold with the finger that had been tracing the crack. The tingling through the cloth is like an invitation to go deeper.

"Katherine, roll up your skirt."

"Certainly, Master......."

With that, the classic maid's uniform is rolled up. Underneath, the maid's legs are wrapped in white socks and black panties. The holy area between them was divided vertically by a garter belt.

As always, a perfect execution. This is the proof that she is a first-class maid.

I invade the white holy area with my hands.

Smooth, slippery, and soft.

Silky to the touch, the elasticity of the woman's flesh is wonderful, as it pushes back when I press into it. I insert my fingers under the garter belt and move them upward, and I lose my patience.

"Katherine, Can you to put your legs up on the couch so that you can straddle my lap and get up a bit?"

"Yes, excuse me.......nn......."

While I was listening to the maid's consent, the Master did not stop moving his fingers.

Her plump hips approach my face.

"That's the best view I've ever seen."

"Y-you don't have to... um, ah..."

"I love the elasticity of this ass. And it looks wet over here, doesn't it?"

"Oh, ahhh......."

The master rubbed the white buttocks of the maid in black panties and spread them out. The maid's love juice slowly oozed out, making a lewd dark spot appear on her black panties.

"You're very tactful, Katherine. You are a first-rate maid. I can't believe you're offering your Master a beverage in the carriage. Now, will you let me have a drink?"

"Yes, excuse me, Master......."

"Mmm, alright then. Oops♡♡♡"

As the carriage shook, the maid's ass pressed against my face and provided me the ultimate luxurious airbags. This is the essential safety equipment for the lord's carriage. Inhaling the fragrance, I feel the steamy fragrance of sweat. The sweet and acidic scent of female flowers fills the nostrils and makes me feel as if I were in the middle of a glass of wine. The maid's buttocks soothe the anxiety of the journey and absorb the shock of any sudden accident.

However, it does not absorb the impact of pleasure.

"Chuu, chuu...... sips......"

I received love juice from the black panties while being pushed and rubbed by the white ass meat.

--Yes, yes, maid juice, delicious.

I ran my fingers like eagle claws over her voluptuous hips and ran my tongue over the source of the sticky nectar. I enjoyed the smell, the feel, I sucked and sucked at her vagina through the cloth. I clucked and teased her with my tongue, demanding more.

"Haa, nn, uh....hmm..."

The rhythm of the rocking carriage's and the panting of a lustful woman provided an BGM for the adulterous trip suitable for the lord of the house.

Umm, you're doing a great job.

And I believe that the secret of a good lord is to repay a good service with a reward.

I put my fingers on the black panties and exposed the hidden buttocks. I was so excited to see her garter belt, I didn't even think about taking it off. The garter belt and white socks remained in place even though the panties had been removed, leaving the panties on her thighs.

A lewd thread was drawn on the woman's skin and the panties.

The aroma of the woman's fragrance flooded out.

"looks delicious."

"P-Please enjoy."

The innocent, milky-pink slit twitched. The pussy flesh looks so voluptuous that it is like a fresh fruit.

Well then, I'm going to have it raw!

"Hamu, sips, sips, sips......"

"Hhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!"

Licking all over the lewd slit, I feel the woman's heat. The stickiness, the warmth, the wetness, the sourness, the taste, it keeps flowing and gushing, it stains my mouth and pleases me. I can't stop my tongue and lips from tasting the maid's nectar. Fingers rubbed wildly on her twin rump meat, fingers sliding up and down her thighs, and I pressed the meat button with for a refill.

"Ah, ahhhhh! Master, Master ahhhh!"

Pricking her clit, I licked the masochistic maid's favorite hole, rubbing my saliva on its wrinkled folds.

"No, don't! Nngh, hah, I haven't use 【Clean】 yet.......nnn--, nngh......."

"Yes, I can taste Katherine's bitterness. Smooch."

"No, you can't!....Nhhhhh! Please forgive me! Master's mouth is dirty now....aaah"

Katherine shook her big ass as Master licked her anus. Without a care in the world, I swirled my tongue around. Despite some resistance, it seems that after my fuck battle with the rutting Monica, I've grown a spine or two. I can't help but feel that I've grown up in ways that I shouldn't have.......

"I wouldn't mind getting dirty with Katherine, you know? Chup, chup....... Eru......."

"Oh, no......fu.......Master's tongue is crawling inside me..... nnn......"

Katherine doesn't resist.

I loosened both the maid's front and back holes with plenty of saliva smeared all over them.

"Ha, ah......,Master.......you shouldn't......."

"Even Katherine used to be quiet, you know. Furthermore, you are pushing your butt so hard that it crushes your Master's face. Don't you think that's rude? You shameless bitch."

I rubbed and patted her ass.

"Oh, please forgive me.......I'm ready to accept your punishment......."

"Like this?"


I slapped her big ass.


Pssshhhh, honey spurts out of her hole, feeding it directly on her Master's face.

---good meal~, thanks!

I can't help but have a disgusting smile stuck to my mouth "This is not a punishment but a reward for you, is it not? Well then, as a punishment, you're going to have to apply the 【clean】 yourself. Wherever you think it's needed, okay? Because it would be a reward if I do it."

"Yes...... ah............."

Then, to my surprise, this anal-loving masochistic maid thrust her own slender finger into her asshole and.

"【clean】. -- ah, ha, aaaah......."

A torrent of juice overflowed from her twitching labia.

What a wonderful maid! As a reward, I gave her another smack on the ass, and she arched her back with a cry of delight.

Then Katherine generously cleansed my tongue with her own, and she also use 【clean】 on my mouth, and with a practiced hand, she pulled down Master's pants and sucked on them generously.

"Nnn, nn..."

With that white throat moving up and down, milking me, I let her swallow the first three shots.

I also let her learn to open her mouth so that I could see whatever her Master had ejaculated in her mouth. My dick was soaked with the maid's saliva, including my balls and even my anus. She moistened Master's flower buds not as an act of revenge, but as exquisite service.

Then, she straddled on top of the towering pillar of flesh and drove it into her own rear....