CH 64

Superpower Explanation Page (3) Harikiri Kiriha

Translated by Dawn

Superpower Explanation Page (3) Harikiri Kiriha

Ability name: Hornet

Overview: Capable of doing bee-like things much better than bees.

The reason for the name Hornet (wasp) is because it is hard to distinguish if her ability name is Bee or Honey Bee. Moreover, she also has the ability as a hornet, such as combat ability and a poisonous stinger that can be used many times.


Able to perform [Super Physical Ability], [Sonic Flight], [Super Sense of Smell], [Super Sense of Hearing], [Super Sense of Touch], and [Poisonous Needle]. She can also produce [Bee Silk], [Beeswax], [Honey], [Royal Jelly], and [Propolis] at will.

Although it has not yet appeared in the main story, she can also wear bee armor when she is at her best, just like a bee shell.

[Sonic flight]: She can stop in mid-air and turn 360 degrees in any direction.

[Poisonous Needle]: She can form a transparent, glass-like needle from her fingertip, from which she can release a wide variety of poisons with different effects.

[Bee silk]: Can produce elastic and flexible silk threads at will. The strength can be manipulated from five times that of cotton to that of steel.

[Beeswax] Sticky, edible wax that hardens in a short time. Unlike spider silk, bee silk is not sticky, but Kiriha can do Spider-Man-like things by adding beeswax to bee silk.

In addition, the embodiment of the concept of a bee will produce results beyond a bee’s capabilities.

For example, according to the law of physics, “the square-cube law,” even if a bee were human-sized, it would not have super physical abilities or be able to fly at high speed, but Kiriha can create the results that would occur if bees were human-sized.

Commercial usage:

[Bee silk] [Beeswax] [Royal jelly] [Propolis] can be produced and sold.

Combat usage:

Simply having a high physical fighting power.

Power, durability, speed, poison-killing power, restraint using silk, etc.

How to beat her:

It is impossible to defeat her in face-to-face battles.

Area-bombing where Kiriha is located.