CH 30

"I know, I know! It's Sister Feng. She must have killed her!"


The young man's cry was still echoing in the alley, when he saw that Jia Lian's face turned black, and slapped him in the face with a backhand, hitting him reeling and almost falling on the corpse.

"Jia Yun! What are you talking about, you little bastard?! I am gonna tear your dog's mouth!" After his slap, Jia Lian refused to give up. He also cursed and seized the young man, and raised his hand left and right.

Then Jia Yun remembered the henpecked in his family, who was often called ‘Sister Feng’ and hurriedly said, "The person I'm talking about is Chen Yufeng, the demimonde of Zhonglou street. Her nickname was also called Sister Feng. When she was a child, someone broke her left ring finger by stealing. She also had a nickname called the “Nine-fingers Yufeng”. There was only an old woman around Chen Yufeng, just as Second Uncle Sun said!"

Hearing this, Jia Lian angrily let go of Jia Yun's collar, but his anger was still lingering. He took out his uncle's manner and scolded, "You bastard, you don't know how to improve all day. But know the story of this whore place pretty well huh!"

Although the words came out of his mouth, there was always a sense of nondescript, but Jia Yun dared not refute him. He bowed and made amends. He only said that he had just heard Second Uncle Sun's “Divine Judgment” and was dazzled and unable to control himself. Then he made a slip of the tongue and bumped into the name taboo of his Second Aunt.

After this reminder, Jia Lian immediately remembered his business and said triumphantly to Sun Shaozong, "A few days ago, I told people that you had solved a strange case for half a day, and some people didn't believe it. That's good. You didn’t even take half an hour and another murder case was solved!"

With that, he kicked Jia Yun's ass and shouted, "Don’t you have eyesight. Why don’t you take us to catch the vicious woman?!"

Jia Yun is about to make up for the mistakes of the previous one. After hearing it, he quickly agrees and leads the way.

Jia Lian was about to follow up, but Sun Shaozong pulled him back.

"It’s just a whore. Do you still need your uncle to come in person?", Sun Shaozong then turned to the leader of the horse-faced guards and said, "Zhao Wuwei, I'll leave the rest to you. When you catch the whore, you don't have to find me. You can directly hand her over to The Ministry of the Department. Just tell them that I haven't taken over the official position yet, so it's inconvenient to intervene in this case."

With that, no matter how the horse-faced guard leader reacted, he pulled Jia Lian into the carriage, whipped the horse, and went off.

However, along the way, Jia Lian inevitably complained repeatedly, blaming him for giving all the credits to the bullshit Ministry of Department, and regretting that he failed to take a look at the appearance of the ‘Nine-fingers Yufeng’.

Sun Shaozong just laughed but said nothing.

This fantastic reasoning just now is expected to spread all over the capital in two or three days. As long as he is not a fool, he will never dare to take this credit from him. Instead, he will praise Sun Shaozong with great fanfare to show that he is not deliberately making difficulties but values Sun Shaozong's ability.

If he takes the initiative to ask for a credit, isn’t it more interesting for your opponent to suffer patiently and silently, and praise him for it?

As for the arrest of Chen Yufeng, even if he did it himself, it would be just icing on the cake. It would be better to give it to Zhao Wuwei and others as a gift, which would also be making a good relationship with his future subordinates in advance.

——Split line——

Cut less on the gossip.

When they returned to the Rongguo Mansion, Jia Lian came passed the residence but didn't enter. He only asked Xing'er to go back and inform Wang Xifeng to prepare the banquet as usual. Then he took Sun Shaozong to Jia's mother's place in the West Wing.

He said he was going to take Sun Shaozong to meet the real royal relatives, but according to Sun Shaozong, this guy probably just wanted to show off.

After entering the West Wing, he saw that everything was better than in Jia He’s place. When he walked for a while, he saw the two nannies' servants in front of him coming up.

Jia Lian asked about Baoyu's whereabouts, but he heard that he was chatting with his girls in the backyard. It was inconvenient to take Sun Shaozong there, so he asked about his mother again.

"Old Lady just had a good chat session with the Second Master Bao. Now she is listening to her servant girl's stories in the Parlor."

Upon hearing this, Jia Lian felt refreshed and said proudly, "Those stories are all made up. What's good to hear? I have an anecdote here. It's not only an actual person and event but also what I have experienced myself!"

As he said this, he took Sun Shaozong into the backyard.

Passing by the corridor and turning around the marble screen on the red sandalwood shelf, one can see that five richly ornamented buildings are lined up in a row, and many “Parrots and thrushes” hung under the eaves. When strangers come in, they all chirp and cry, just like singing in a chorus.

Hearing the movement outside, the servant girl in red and green lifted the curtain of the door and looked out. At once, she saw Jia Lian right in front of her. She immediately turned back and shouted, "Old Lady, it's the Second Master Lian."

Before the words were finished, the Old Lady's voice came out, "Is it Lian'er who’s here? Hurry up, let him in. It snowed again earlier on and the weather is cold. If he is frozen, won't the shrew Feng complain about killing me again?"

After hearing this, Jia Lian opened the curtain of the door and went in. He laughed and said, "Grandma, even if she has great courage, she doesn't dare to blame you."

Then he looked back and said, "Erlang, come in and meet my Grandma."

After he said that, he found that there was also Liwan, his widowed sister-in-law, in addition to the nannies and servant girls. He was embarrassed. This was because Liwan had paid great attention to etiquette and discipline since she was a widow. She didn't even have much contact with the men in the mansion. How could she meet men from outside?

But it is too late to regret.

He saw Sun Shaozong lift the curtain of the door and enter proudly. He walked a few steps to where Jia's mother was. He bent down like an iron tower and said respectfully, "Sun Shaozong, son of the former Martial Prowess General Sun Shengtao, greets the Old Lady Feng."

Jia's mother saw a strong man suddenly come in. She was shocked and uncertain. Hearing him report to her his family, she suddenly said, "It was the second child of the martial prowess general family. When you were 100 days old, I made a special trip to your house to congratulate you. Who knew that time passed so fast and you had turned out to be this promising."

As she said this, she could not help feeling sad.

Sun Shaozong stood up straight here, smiling and ready to talk, but he suddenly saw a dignified beauty beside Jia’s mother, who seemed nervous and didn't know where to place her hands and feet.

Curious, he looked at the woman a few more times. He saw that the woman was in her early twenties. She was very clean, and her temperament was even more dignified and cold. However, the figure wrapped in a plain skirt was filled with mature charm and enchantment. She was feeling uneasy on the side. He saw that her chest was towering and trembling disorderly, and her hips were bulging like a full moon from time to time, which made her slim waist more attractive.

If she is reserved, dignified, and cold like a basin of ice water, her romantic and enchanting posture is like a tantalizing fire. When the ice and fire are mixed, it added more charms!